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Matches Booked on Stoke Bardolph

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The club Kexborough Ac has booked a match on the 17/9/2017 for 10 pegs
The club Kexborough Ac has booked a match on the 30/7/2017 for 12 pegs
The club SHEFFIELD PISCATORIAL SOCIETY has booked a match on the 17/9/2017 for 20 pegs


Welcome to Ashfield Angling Club Newsletter Page

The club has undergone quite a bit of change in the past few months and we hope that you will start to see the benefits of this and the club can move forward in the right direction. We recognise that we need to keep the membership more informed about the things that are going on behind the scenes in YOUR club, especially for those that do not use Facebook. We are trying to become a more open, transparent and approachable club, so that the membership feels confident about the future and can get on with what we are all here for, some great fishing. This newsletter will be sent out every month and will contain such things as committee meeting updates, latest news, bailiff reports, working party details and of course, catch reports and photos. If you have any suggestions for future newsletters please send them in or post them on our Facebook page.
Facebook Page<<<< Members Click on the fish and join our Official Facebook Page >>>> Facebook Page

Latest News

Members Social Fishing event 17th September

Details are on facebook and the noticeboard... come along, it'll be great to see you and land a few Trent specimens and a free bacon butty too :-)


We have taken advice from the Environment Agency and due to the recent local KHV outbreaks in Leicestershire and South Yorkshire we will be banning the use of keep nets from all of our still waters until further notice. All landing nets, weigh slings, carp sacks etc. must be dry before being placed in to the water, preferably via sunlight. Please also be aware that damp stink bags can also carry the disease. It will be treated as a very serious offence should this restriction be broken due to the danger presented to the health of our fish stock. Thank you for your understanding, hopefully we will be back to normality in the near future.
Koi herpesvirus (KHV) is a disease that affects all varieties of carp, is highly contagious and may cause up to 100% mortality. It can be transmitted by fish to fish contact and also via angling equipment and contaminated water. Signs to look out for include lethargy, damaged gills, sunken eyes, flaky skin mucus. If you see any carp displaying these symptoms please contact a bailiff or committee member asap.

Newsletter and Venue Maintenance plans now available

We have emailed members our first newsletter - to view this online please log on and click - here
If you have not received the newsletter please check your spam folder and if its not there let us know by emailing us by clicking here
We have added a Venue Maintenance Plan Page which can be found here

Important Members Notice

Notice to members: Please ensure that you have a valid EA Rod licence. Unfortunately we have had to inform a member that they have been dismissed from the club after they were caught fishing without a valid licence. This reflects directly on the reputation of our club and is therefore treated as a serious breach of club rules.

Thrumpton Notice

Please see the noticeboard about important access information for this week and next week.

The Ashfield Angling Club Committee Latest Meeting Update

Please see the noticeboard for the latest information from the Committee Meeting of the 4/8/16. Thanks

Fantastic news from the EA fully endorsing all of the hard work done at Winthorpe.

Fantastic news from the EA who have fully endorsed all of the hard work done by Ashfield Members at Winthorpe. "We are very pleased with the condition of the lake and the work that has gone into its upkeep and maintenance... The lake looked healthy and the principles of your licence agreement are being upheld which has been noted and is greatly appreciated, " ...Just be careful where you drive :-) Huge well done to all involved!!!

Unofficial Facebook Group Information

New members please note that there is an unofficial Ashfield Angling Facebook group which is run by two ex members.The Official site has the winning picture from our 2015 picture competition as voted by you and has 270+ paid up Ashfield Members and it looks like this

The official site can be joined by following this link, and it contains the latest up to date details of up coming events including work parties, AGMs, future social events, how our waters are fishing including tips, voting for the "free membership" picture competition and an interactive map of all of our waters plus much more.
There are currently only 56 Ashfield Club members on the unofficial site and about 150 non-members. Genuine members, please be aware that posting water/fish capture details on the unofficial page is against the club policy.Thanks

Polite Reminder - No pike fishing 1st April - 30th September

Anyone fishing Ashfield Waters are reminded that there is no pike fishing from the 1st April till the 30th September inclusive. Thx

Rod License Reminder

Rod License reminder. If you plan on going fishing after 31st March you need to renew your rod license. To do this online click here. Thx

Closed Season - How to report any Illegal Fishing

All River Fishing is now Closed until June 16th - No coarse fishing is permitted on rivers, streams and drains between 15 March to 15 June inclusive, and anyone found fishing illegally faces prosecution and a hefty fine from the EA. Our lakes are of course still open for members only.

How to report out of season river fishing
1. Never ever compromise your own safety, DO NOT attempt a citizens arrest - leave it to the authorities.
2. Call the EA on 0800 80 70 60 with location details and numbers fishing/ description and ask for an EA Incident number.

How to report ANY other fishing without permission when it isĀ IN PROGRESS:
1. Never ever compromise your own safety, DO NOT attempt a citizens arrest - leave it to the authorities.
2. Report the incident via 999 State that this is an OFFENCE IS IN PROGRESS under the "Fishing without permission is a Schedule 1 Theft Act 1968".
3. Insist on receiving a CRIME NUMBER and a CALLBACK and that this is a MUST ATTEND incident
4. Then call the EA on 0800 80 70 60 give them the CRIME NUMBER, you should also get an EA Incident number.
If you are reporting this after the event, use 101 not 999.
If you come across any fixed lines, do not remove them, report it to the EA on 0800 80 70 60.
For Ashfield Venues please also inform the Club Chairman.

New Questions and Answers Page

Cant Login? How do i Join? When is the Renewal Date? How do Junior Members Join? Where can i fish on a day ticket? ...etc take a look at the new Q and A Page. You can fire questions through to us as well.

Recent/Older News Page

Recent news items can now be viewed here

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