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Each year we will be running a members only photo competition. the winner will receive a free membership for the following season. This can be passed on the a friend who is on the waiting list or used by the member.

Membership Renewals are now finished, any member who hasn't renewed or sent in an application on or before the 28th February will have lost their place. Places will now be offered to those on the waiting list. Anyone who sent the application on or before the 28th will be honoured and membership pack sent out.

On Friday the 6th March the web site will not be functioning correctly. I will be handing over the clubs membership and web development equipment to the committee. Before I do this, I will need to remove any code that references me also any email address and contact number. Unfortunately I don't have a date when the site will be back to normal, it will be the new web developers job and as I don't know who or when the developer will be taking over the site. I cant give you a date. I'm very sorry for any trouble and hope this can be sorted out in a timely manner.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the chairman or Secretary on the following email address.

Club Chairman

Club Secretary

Tight Lines, Tony Tierney Ex Membership Secretary, Web Developer.

Winthorpe Work Party 13/14 December 2014

What a fantastic turnout we had. The most members the club has ever seen in one work party. It was good to see so many members it's just a shame we couldn't do the work that was intended because of the water level. None the less the work to the tracks was done on the Saturday and the fencing done on the Sunday. We would like to thank Vic for doing the hot food and drinks for all who attended, a bacon or sausage butty with a cuppa is more than welcome on cold days like these.

All members who attended on Saturday the 13
Vic Holmes, Martin Hill, Chris Wightman, Nigel Cooper, Wayne Hartley, Karl Newbold, John Shucksmith, Kev Hughes, Trever Robinson, Steve Derby, Michael Herbert, Alan Renshaw, David Hyne, Jon Preen, Jamie Lovett, Lee Armstrong, John Browett, Steve Lyon, Ian Wilson, Steve Ashworth, Cliff Lawson, Tony Tierney, Mick Pickering, Ian Benton, Chris Mendelshon, Mick Rowett, Philip Mendelshon, Stueart Jessop.

Members who attended on Sunday the 14

Mick Rowett, Colin Newham, Jamie Jackson, Neville Fickling.

Winthorpe Work Party

A note to all our members who fish at the Winthorpe venue



Dear Resident

Scheme Title: Main Street Holme Newark.

Nottinghamshire County Council is shortly due to carry out maintenance works at the above location.

The works will be carried out in the area shown on attached drawing. To comply with the current Health & Safety legislations to protect the public and our own work force, the works will be carried out using a road closure.

 I would ask all residents to plan ahead and consider parking outside the extents of the road closure during working hours which will be 8.00 AM to 1530 PM.

The works will consist of resurfacing the carriageway from the junction of Langford Lane to the full extent of Main Street. The working area will be closed off. Access to the properties will be maintained as far as is possible, however there will be some inconvenience when the work force is working in the vicinity of your property but every effort will be made to minimise the disruption.

During the surfacing works the paving machine will require the full width of the road to lay the new tarmac which will also need time to cure before it can be trafficked so your patience would be much appreciated by the workforce. 

The works have been programmed to commence Mon 02.02.2015 to Fri 13.02.2015 and are expected to take approximately 12 days to complete weather dependant.

The works will be undertaken by NCC Highways If there are any specific events which you feel it may help to bring to our attention in planning the works (for example a wedding on a particular day), again please do not hesitate to contact the writer so that site supervisory staff can be made aware of such events. Lastly, please can I ask that you take care during these works and observe all signs and instructions from the site personnel.

 I do apologise for any inconvenience that the works may cause but please be assured that we will do what we can to minimise these where we can.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Topliss
Senior Project Engineer
Nottinghamshire County Council

Welcome to all Ashfield Members and guests, this site is undergoing reconstruction and will not be fully functional until, well until it's finished :-). One good thing is, you will be able to see it in the development stage. If you would like any features to be added then please let me know and ill do my best to include them.

If you are having problems logging in please fill in this form, that includes Bailiffs and committee members. The reason you cant logging to the site is because you must have used a different Username and/or password for your login than what you entered in to the membership renewal form for the 2014 season. All you need to do is complete the short form and ill be able to edit you login details so you can gain access to the members section. this is the reason why I asked all committee and bailiffs to complete the same form as members.

After the last couple of weeks we are now able to accept form submissions, we would like to apologise to anyone who has submitted a form and had no reply. Hopefully the form will now submit and we should start receiving your contact e-mail for such things as the Request Contact Form and Match Booking Request Form.

Anyway, that's all for now, keep it real and tight lines....

Aqua Dynamix Bait

Climax Tackle

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