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"New" Photo Competition

We will be running a new photo competition for our members. The photos you submit must be fishing relevant and from one of our venues. Apart from that be creative and original.

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The Image above was sent in by member - Brian High

We will be giving away one years full membership as the prize. This can be used by the member or passed to a friend who is on the waiting list.

Enter Competition

The Winner will be announced at on this site before the start of the season.

13 Membership Places still on Offer

If you have a place on offer, you must complete the membership process within the next few days. Failure to complete the membership process will result in you being removed from the waiting list and your place offered to somebody else. View Waiting list.

Photo Competition and Photo Album
We are seeing some really nice photos being entered in to the photo competition. It's really got you all going and thinking about your next trophy shot. If your on the bank and have your mobile or camera at the ready you never know, just take pictures and one could be the winner. It would be nice to see a few more of your captures in the photo album. We normally see the winter captures consisting of pike, zander and a few chub. If you have had a few this winter please upload them to the photo album.

Ashfield Angling Club Web Access

Could all members take note, you must request members area privileges, Their not given automatically. Only currant members of Ashfield Angling Club can have members area privileges.

Work Parties for members in their first year.

Please remember, you need to complete at least one work party in your first year as a member to retain your position in the club. Go and have a look at what's on offer.

Season 2014/15 Renewal date

It's getting close to the time we all need to start thinking about our club membership for the upcoming season. Can all members who wish to renew membership in the new year, please remember the following-

  • You wont receive a renewal notice in the post, (its on the back of your membership card).
  • You must have completed the renewal process before the 28 February 2014.
  • Failing to renew before the 28th February will result in you loosing your place. (No Excuses) if your going to have problems, let us know in advance.

We will be starting the renewal process before Christmas 2013, you are advised to get your application for renewal out of the way as early as possible. we will be sending out e-mail to all members who have supplied a currant e-mail address. This e-mail will be the only notice we are sending out about the start of membership renewals other than on this site.

Gate Keys, all keys and locks are going to be changed on the 28th Fed 2014. Anybody who has paid the £10 deposit wont have to pay for new keys. At the start of the new season, the new keys will be issued to all members along with their membership card and car window sticker. The £10 will be retained for this purpose. All subsequent seasons the price of the new keys will be added to the membership fees, we will do our upmost to secure the cheapest keys and locks without compromising security. If you intend to leave the club and have paid for a gate key then you would need to send the key back to the members secretary for a refund. We intend setting a deadline for key returns. The committee will need to discuss this matter, we will then post the closing date on the web site.

Aqua Dynamix Bait

Winter Memberships for 2013-14

Unfortunately we will not be issuing winter tickets for this season. Anyone wishing to fish our waters must enter their names on the waiting list. When the request membership form is submitted the application will be entered on to the database automatically, you should be able to check you position on the waiting list strait after you have submitted the form.

In the past few weeks we have received lots of requests for winter membership. We would like to point out that winter tickets are offered to people on the waiting list, If your not on the waiting list you wont be offered a winter ticket. When we do offer winter tickets, its to the first people on the waiting list who will be offered the tickets.

Refusal to take a winter ticket doesn't mean you will loose you place on the list, it just means that someone who is behind you on the list will have the opportunity to take up membership. Winter members are the first to be offered places in the club when the new season starts and when we have members who fail to rejoin on time.

Climax Tackle

Upcoming Work Parties for 2013 - 14  this is the most recent post
Go to the work parties page for more information.
Work Party Date :
Venue :
Venue Status
Post Date : 07/04/2014
Posted By : b high
Venue : No Venue Selected
Health and Safety
Here you will see health and safety notices from our H&S officer and committee members
Mr Steve Brown.
Post Date : 28/09/2013
Importance Level : High
all working party coordinators must brief the members in the working party on the work to be done and the risks involved and get them to sign the health and safety document. the document can be obtained from the chairman.


Report Date : 15/03/2014
Report : The river stretch is now closed for the purpose of angling to conform with the Environment Agency Close season of course fishing.
Many thanks for your continued support and look forward to meeting up in June.

Posted by : Adifaulkner

Tackling illegal fish imports - watch this video


Venue of the Month - Each month we will be profiling one of our venues. Our aim is to show new members and any existing members alike the different venues we hold. If you only fish one or two of our fantastic venues you will be given an insight into other waters and maybe encourage you to venture out and try new waters. You will need members area privileges to view the profiles, so if your not registered on the site then please do so.


All Ashfield Members are reminded that they must hold and be in possession of a current valid Rod Licence for every two rods they fish with. These will be checked by our Bailiffs annually and any member found fishing Ashfield waters without the relevant licence(s) will be expelled from the club immediately and reported to the Environment Agency.

Agency Incident hot line for Illegal fishing or Fish in trouble 0800 807060.

EAGet Legal, get your licences today, click here to buy yours online now!


Get Involved in our web site, As a member we would like you to send us feedback and comments by using the online forms on this site. If you would like to discuses anything about the club or anything that you think would be of interest to other club members then please get involved. You could tell us all how you are doing on one of our fantastic venues, or maybe you would like to bring something up at the next AGM, as long as it's clean then we would be more than happy to include it on the site for all to see.


Lets have a chat about Fish Welfare.... Gaz Fareham and Richard 'Cash' Farnan talk about fish welfare... Trakker Fish welfare video go have a look


Match Bookings Any Angling club wishing to book matches on our Stoke Bardolph Road stretch can do so by e-mailing our club Stoke Bardolph bailiff Adi Faulkner or you could use this booking form.

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